Investing Their Resources

*JT Village, Nepal


The new savings and credit group has come in existence in coordination with Manahara in *JT Village. She is willing to partner with GHNI and start Transformational Community Development (TCD) with a community group, too. She is overseeing care of the community center in JT Village. This group has made commitment to work with the villagers. They are very much interested in learning about using their small resources to make good and sustainable income, and they are looking into profitable business opportunities. They are also interested in increasing awareness on diarrhea, safe drinking water, and income generation. They seek to be a self-sustainable village.


We visited other villages in the cluster and see the possibility of expanding TCD.  The farmers of JT Village are also the guardians of the Khadwalkot Primary School and have started sharing their knowledge about TCD to other cluster villagers. Talking with the village leaders, they are positive. We are planning to go there in the next quarter.


Sushil B


*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.