Blog: Jatapara Village

Modernizing Threshing

Clean Up Initiative

Jatapara Village, India


In Jhopa, plastics are thrown here and there on the fields, making the village dirty. They are also polluting the soil and spreading many diseases. Through the Mukhiya plan, many trash bins were installed to collect garbage, but these containers are not used by many villagers.


Sowing Resilient Crops

In Jatapara Village, our Transformational Community Development (TCD) taught the community how to grow crops with low rainfall. Suggestions on how to grow fast-growing crops in hilly areas were made to farmers. Farmers like Rubi and Bablu have performed well and rice farming is going well here. We are teaching villagers to drink clean water and eat healthy food.

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Elevating Quality of Life

Jatapara Village, India


In the small nearby village of Jhopa, people are planting vegetables to add healthy nutrients into their meal. A woman named *Priscilla showed us a new way to grow a big and tasty pumpkin. Before, she used to sow and harvest in just one place; but now, she first sows the seed in a very wet area and, when the small plant comes up, she replants it with soil in a place where it should continue to grow. In this way, tasty and big pumpkins can be harvested.


Effective Drainage

The Value of Education

Jatapara Village, India


The Jatapara community is doing well. This month we had a small parent meeting. In this, they were told about the courses and that they should send their children to school and encourage them to not be absent from classes.


Adopting New Ways

Jatapara Village, India


Villagers of Jatapara were encouraged not to go bathroom in the open because they would pollute the environment. This will cause many diseases and problems. Their government started a program for villagers to build bathrooms in front of their homes. So, they were told to build a bathroom, but they were unable to do it on their own.