Joyful Over Bare Necessities

Refugees in Lebanon

Last month, GHNI had the privilege of decreasing the suffering in one of thousands of camps in Lebanon. We helped them by providing a pump to empty flooded sewage wells to prevent the release of smelly air, toxins and diseases.

After seeing what happened and how fast our response was, another nearby camp asked us to help them so they'd have clean water. Eight tents joined together and they dug a well 12 meters (about 40 feet) deep, so we provided a pump for them.

Em Mahmoud (Mother of Mahmoud) expressed her gratitude with songs and said, "Now we can take a shower and wash our clothes after two months without water. We asked many NGOs and no one responded. Thank YOU!"

GHNI is delighted and thankful to our partners and supporters for joining us to provide and help the less fortunate with the basic needs like the pump to get clean water.

GHNI Representative