Keeping to the Diet

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


The mother of Amgad always complained of pain in her knee and back. When she was tired, she resorted to painkillers because the pain was severe. She went to the doctor and took many medications, but when the medication period ended, she was complaining and in pain again.

During one lesson, a sentence attracted her attention that weight and pregnancy increase pressure on her bones so she was encouraged to start a diet. It was difficult at first, but we encouraged her to continue. She started to feel better after some time, and this encouraged her to continue this diet for a longer period.

During the past three months, we had a Christmas party and discussed communication skills, boundaries in marital relationships, and adapting and coping.  Additional topics included decision making, addiction, and communication between spouses. We also talked about working women, bone aches and psychological needs.


For the coming three months, all women will be contacted by our team once a week to check on them and encourage them. We will raise awareness for prevention of the novel coronavirus and how to invest time inside the house. We will ask why do you live and who do you live for? We will buy groceries and provide for any needs for families that have elderly women and widows that no one supports. We will provide material assistance to the neediest families.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Dunia who is 12 years old remembered a lesson about love for all people and crafted a flower. She said that she was upset with Miss Suzy, but she remembered the lesson and she went and gave her the flower that she made last week. She told her that she loves her and that she was upset with her because her friends bullied her, and Miss Suzy didn’t do anything. The teacher was happy Dunia told her and with what she did.


During the past three months, we discussed what you want to be. We did crafts, drawing, colouring, fun games, and brought gifts for the children.  We distributed school materials and clothes, taught about bad speech and lying, and shared a lesson on loving all people and the art of apologising. We taught first aid for suffocation cases. Finally, we discussed the dangers of transportation and prevention of viruses. 


For the coming three months, we will discuss using social media in communicating with the children in Helwan and create a WhatsApp group for the children to raise awareness. We will talk about the prevention of the novel coronavirus, like habits and traditions that transmit the virus. We will discuss how to  be prepared for death. 


I am a teacher and I will convey all the lessons I learnt to all my friends and family through social media. We ask who do you live for? We will do crafts and show how to make a mask at home. We will talk about controlling our words.


Transformational Community Development (TCD) Update

  • Water -- It is not a problem for this area.
  • Income Generation -- Sewing machine project where we trained 15 women.
  • Education- We are continuing to teach the children (around 200) about morals and important values. Also, we are continuing giving the women lessons as we have between 100-120 women.
  • Wellness -- We gave health lessons about first aid, the danger of diabetes, and the danger of medical waste.

Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader