Keeping the Dream Alive!

Goat Loan Programme, Jordan


Fatmeh is a kind and lovely woman. She keeps pressing forward and is trying her best to improve her living conditions and provide for her children despite facing many difficulties and challenges.

She has debts to pay. She only receives 50 JDs. This amount barely covers anything. Her son was dismissed from his job because of the COVID-19 crisis. Recently, she couldn't afford to pay the electricity and water bills thus having to live without these basics. Her apartment must be subsidised.


Fatmeh really hopes and dreams that her current project with the goats will grow. If production of milk, cheese, butter and cream increases, she will be able to generate a good income. The goats need to be adequately fed in order to reach this goal and produce more than what is currently produced. For the time being, her goats are flourishing and some are pregnant. Sadly one has lost its offspring.


Thank you!



GHNI Admin Assistant, Jordan