Khyana Changed Her Life

*DG Village, Nepal


**Khyana didn't get the opportunity to go to school and study with her peers, but now she always attends our Transformational Community Development (TCD) class and has learned many things. She is a housewife and has two children with her husband, who is a painter. She is very curious to learn new things. She learned to read and write and the importance of sanitation, health care, education, and pure drinking water.


These lessons have impacted Khyana’s life and community. Having learned about income generation, she uses her talents to earn money. She produces green vegetables that help supplement her family food and then she sells the rest in the local market. Her daily life has been changed and she is a model for the village. Khyana is so thankful to GHNI.


We have continued the classes for women and children and are following up with income generation groups. They are doing very good.


Sunita & Shreepech
GHNI TCD Workers


*For purposes of safety, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
**For purposes of safety and well-being, “Khyana” is a pseudonym for an individual being helped by this project.