Kindness Counts

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt

In continuing to serve the villagers of Ezbit el Nakhl, we presented lessons covering wellness. One topic was “How to care for our outward beauty and appearance.” Other topics focused on “Know the value of what we have” and “Intestinal disease.”

We also sent out a medical convoy for three focuses: stomach, bones, and children’s health. About 275 men, women, and children were examined. All were given medicines. We had a collection of winter clothes to distribute as well.

One of the ladies who came to the medical convoy was with her sick husband, Mahmood. He came to have a bone examined, as he was suffering from a tear in his knee cartilage. The knee was swollen with water. Although this young man was unable to work because of his illness, he felt new hope after our care. His wife said that she and her husband had never received love or interest from anybody before. She has started to attend our weekly lessons.

In the future, we will present lessons on topics covering relationships between spouses, making peace with yourself, the vineyard and parsimony, and starting a new page with a new year.

Thank you! We look forward to sharing more good news of our progress.


GHNI National Field Leader, Egypt