Kitchen Garden and Greenhouses Grow Vegetables

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


It is autumn in Yakawlang, so the trees look yellow and very beautiful. We had almost 17,000 hybrid poplar cuttings distributed so far this year. The trees have had a good impact on the local climate.


Still, many people do not plant or eat vegetables. In Yakawlang, our kitchen garden demonstrates the available vegetables from all around the region. If people eat these different veggies, it will decrease malnutrition, especially in remote villages.


We made a few greenhouses to grow vegetables. We saw other villagers made the same in front of their houses. Maybe we inspired them! A small greenhouse is very simple to make and costs local villagers very little.


TCD Update

  • Income Generation - Poplars are fast growing trees, and the local farmers prefer to plant them to generate good income after a few years. This year, almost 20,000 cuttings were planted in different parts of Yakawlang and Bamyan.
  • Education - We educated about 40 local farmers on how to plant and grow hybrid poplars.
  • Wellness -  Many people don’t plant or eat vegetables in Yakawlang. Our kitchen garden demonstrates the variety of vegetables all around Yakawlang. Consuming them will decrease malnutrition, especially in remote villages. Greenhouses help to this end, and people are encouraged to plant and eat more veggies!

Thank you!



*For purposes of safety, “Valley of Ali” is a pseudonym for the location involved in this project.
**For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Martin” is a pseudonym for the individual involved in this project.