Kitchen Gardens Improve, Drought Persists

Dhoker Jhara Village, India


This month, I reminded people about health and hygiene. Some families like to buy vegetables from the market rather than grow them on their own. I spoke with two such families about the difference between conventionally farmed vegetables they eat versus organic ones. They were sufficiently motivated to now grow organic vegetables in their own kitchen gardens!


Most of the villagers have received their latrine rooms from the government. They are too small, congested, and the pit capacity is very limited. Such pits, which are dug into lower ground, overflow in the rainy season. Due to this, many people prefer to continue going outside to relieve themselves. I have been telling them about the advantages of using the toilet, as well as motivating them to build their own deeper and larger toilet rooms.


Apart from this, most of the villagers are worried about the lack of rain this year. The groundbreaking process for an irrigation system was supposed to have been completed by June, but due to the drought it has not yet been finished as of August. Seeing the situation, we provided some funds to help the village buy a motor pump to extract water from the river. The villagers are very excited and have formed a Water Committee to oversee this. They will charge every individual who uses it a share of the electric bill. 


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