Kitchen Gardens Save Money and Improve Health

DG Village*, Nepal


DG Village members are learning to be self-sustainable. I teach the villagers to do kitchen gardens and not to waste their piece of land. They produce vegetables from their own gardens, so they don’t need to buy from the market. The villagers are now eating fresh, healthy vegetables and they are saving money. This is how I always encourage and teach people to be involved in raising their income and to be self-sustainable. 


This month, there are many villagers affected by the coronavirus and people are facing big health problems, financial problems, and food problems. We are continuing to teach and encourage people how to be safe from the coronavirus. We visit and teach them not to be in crowds, keep social distance, and use masks and sanitiser. We tell them to wash hands with soap and water and to drink hot water. People are happy with our teaching and apply it in their daily life as much as possible. 


I taught them how to keep their bodies healthy to be better protected from the coronavirus and other diseases. The women in the village are now very active and are able to manage their families. They know the importance of cleanliness, care of teeth, care of eyes, and they know when to go to the hospital to check up on their health. I taught children in this village to always wash their hands during this coronavirus period. 


I have made door-to-door visits in the village to see who is affected by COVID-19, counselling the families, and teaching them how to care for the coronavirus victims. 


Thank you!



*For purposes of security, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.