Knitted Christmas Stockings Project Brings Hope

Smyrna, Turkey


We started a knitted Christmas stockings project within the scope of the Smyrna Women's Empowerment Centre’s efforts. We carried out the project in less-fortunate neighbourhoods. We thought that making money is an important factor for women's self-confidence, and we aimed to help disadvantaged women to make some money. At the same time, we helped them to solve some of the problems related to their children. Women were able to earn money without having to look for a job during this compelling pandemic season. 


Özlem and Emine explained their feelings as follows: “Thanks to knitting, we got away from our daily troubles. We felt much better because we were constantly busy. Also, earning money with every stocking delivered was a great motivation. We worked harder and made plans about the money we would earn. In addition, this project was a good example for our children. In this process, they are doing school at home (because of COVID-19), and the fact that we work and take care of the house in an organised way has encouraged them.”


Now, there is also solidarity and more intimacy among the women in the neighbourhoods. “We became a community that helps and supports each other. We are meeting more often now. We are readier to be partners in solving each other's problems. We feel more hopeful and stronger for life. We are looking forward to the start of new projects.”


Thank you!


Basak Celik

GHNI Partner