Knitting and Chickens Create Opportunities!

Smyrna Women's Empowerment Centre, Turkey


Our impact on the Roma community is growing. One of the biggest problems of this society is unemployment. Due to poverty, they have not received adequate education and often work in temporary, day-to-day jobs. Social discrimination doesn't help in finding a job, either. Therefore, finding a job for the Roma people is both very difficult and the most important issue. For this reason, we started the Knitting Project for these disadvantaged women. Now they have a better opportunity to improve in ongoing Income Generation.


As a result of our work with the Ministry of Agriculture, we will give 250 chickens to each of the 40 Roma families. As these chickens produce eggs, these families will be provided both food and income. The veterinarians of the Ministry of Agriculture will both coach the Roma and monitor the chickens, regularly. 


Moreover, we will constantly supervise and encourage the Roma families to keep their poultry business going and help them sell their products. We hope to continue to attend meetings with the authorities about creating new job opportunities and vocational training programmes.


Thank you! 


Basak Celik