Ladies Develop Their Skills

The ladies’ involvement in GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) program is really benefiting their families. They are learning to read and write, as well as showing their interest in developing skills to start ventures to support their families and children. The micro loan program, which helped them farm tomatoes, is encouraging them to open micro shops. What a great encouragement for us to see them using their skills, starting small businesses, growing vegetables, and saving money on food for their families.


TCD Update

Water—Lessons on safe drinking water greatly helped children.

Food—Farmers seem more interested in farming vegetable and tomatoes on a larger scale.

Income Generation—Micro loans, vegetable farming, and goat rearing continue.

Education—We have been continuing to teach lessons to the children.

Wellness—The wellness program for schoolchildren and women is continuing in the community.


Thank you!


Sushil B.


*For purposes of security, “JT Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.