Landslide Muddies Water Sources

*Valley of Ali, Afghanistan

In Yakawlang District, I heard reports of a landslide. **Ashraf called me and confirmed a huge landslide in Darra Ali, about three miles from our growing poplar trees on the mountain. Gravel, mud, and rocks slid down the mountain and made the water muddy, affecting the river from Yakawlang for hundreds of kilometers to the north of Afghanistan.

People along the river are suffering many problems. Their animals can't drink the water, nor can it be used to wash clothes, carpets, and other things. They are facing so much trouble.

Since the landslide, people in Darra Ali haven’t been able to irrigate their fields. The ditch that funnels water to our poplar trees, along with many other canals, has filled with mud.

Up on the mountain, close to the landslide, there is a village of almost 50 houses and families living there. The government ordered the families to evacuate the village. These villagers really need emergency relief.

The GHNI-Afghanistan Team

*For purposes of security, “Valley of Ali” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
**For purposes of security and well-being, “Ashraf” is a pseudonym for the person involved in this project.