Lasting Development

The realities of illiteracy and lack of medical facilities in this area are soon to be a part of the past. After much hard work the GHNI Egypt team has finally found a location and begun building this much-needed community center, which will be used for Transformational Community Development (TCD) training and so much more! Here’s the latest from the building site.

Helwan Village, Egypt

“We have built three large rooms (one for the medical clinic–one for education–one for teaching ladies and children). We have also built the walls for separation between us and the neighbors.

“During the visit of two of our GHNI TCD Workers, we found that most foundations that operate in the region only work in distribution aid at events and holidays. And even then, they do nothing to help develop skills, including changes in thought and mind. There is much ignorance. This is what we will focus on: the development and real change in the region through education and skills development!

“During March, we will be doing roofs, electricity, water, and sanitation for three rooms. We will work a small garden and a place for children. It will be flat green wide place.”