Lasting Solutions Against Drought

Shambani Village, Kenya

Shambani Village’s water harvesting pond has been of great help to the community for food production and transforming lives. This pond has always depended on rain and a seasonal stream, but of late there has been a prolonged drought that has led to drying of the stream and hence the pond. The water reserve it held was not sufficient to push through to the expected rain season, so the GHNI team, in collaboration with the county government, came together for a hopefully lasting solution that will make the water pond hold more water, sufficient for irrigation.

The community suggested to the county government that they should be supported to start fish farming, along with a cash crop. It will add more nutrients to the soil and at the same time increase their local income-generating resources.

We are expecting to see more yield after the expected rains and an adequate source that is able to take the community through.