Latrines Upgrade Standard of Living

MH Village*, Myanmar


The community leadership and engagement with the Sanitation Project over two years has been outstanding. The project was initiated by the community as they identified their problem in the Wellness sector when they observed high rates of diarrhoea, stomach pain, typhoid fever, malaria, and community embarrassment when they had visitors from outside with no toilets for them. The community leaders developed an action plan that required a 50% contribution of GHNI. The beneficiary family would contribute the other 50% and labour for whatever type of latrine recommended by the Wellness Committee.


The action plan worked well and produced a significant outcome. The community that only had 12 latrines when Transformational Community Development (TCD) was put into practice has now been transformed in the sector of Wellness. The community has already built 92 latrines under the Sanitation Project which is 36% of the entire community. Including the number of latrines built not under this project, it is estimated that 70% of the community households have their own latrines in their homes. The impact the community wants to make through the sanitation project is to promote the community's health by reducing the rate of diarrhoea, infection, stomach aches, typhoid fever, and malaria caused by mosquitoes. 


It is exciting that the community is getting the result and impact they expected. Our champion said, “Diarrhoea was pretty common in the community regardless of age. But in two to three years after the community built latrines and increased their knowledge of basic health, diarrhoea is considerably less. Moreover, now the community is free from malaria as latrines prevent breeding mosquitoes. We also have a volunteer Malaria Fighter who has connexions with the government Malaria Prevention Programme. Having a good latrine in our houses upgrades our standard of living. We don’t need to be ashamed when we have guests.”


There are still many families waiting for their chance to build their own latrines under the Sanitation Project. Therefore, we want to ask that GHNI continue to support the project by contributing 50% of the total cost for a latrine that meets the criteria of the Wellness committee.


Thank you,




*For the purposes of safety, “MH Village,” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.