Laying the Groundwork

House of Esther, Armenia


Springtime at the House of Esther (HoE) is when we begin all activities for the remainder of the year.


These include preparing the soil for planting vegetables, buying a few chickens and other animals, and making outside repairs and maintenance.  


During my trip to the HoE in April, we started the greenhouse, planted potatoes and other veggies, finished the chicken fence, and installed a few gutters around the roof to recover rainwater.


In May, we traveled to the HoE with Carlos, GHNI’s specialist in agriculture and fish farming. We purchased 3,500 liter tanks (about 925 gallons) and installed smaller pipes in a mobile home to enable function all year round. The temperature drops to -35°C (-31°F) in winter.  


The resident refugees were very enthusiastic about our visit as we worked with them to prepare the HoE as a home and training center for them and hopefully many more. We also met a few more refugees interested in moving to HoE, if finances are available. Leon and Sofia are getting ready to move in.


At this point of the project, GHNI and our donors provide for the refugees’ necessities, such as food, clothing, transport, medicine, and the maintenance of the center. With much hope, we are working toward making the center self-sustainable within a year. With sufficient help, we are working to complete these few projects and continue our Transformational Community Development (TCD) training.


We are grateful to all the donors and the GHNI team supporting this special location in the Middle East as a future training center to house innocent families that were abused and victimized.


GHNI Partner Volunteer