Leader Sets Example for Income Generation

Ramantar Village, Nepal


In the Jogital Cluster Village, the villagers are very poor. Their life is very painful because of no education, no income, no food, no medical facilities, etc. I taught Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons and encouraged them to start a micro business. They are very happy to have learnt about sanitation, to use safe drinking Water, and about Income Generation.


I shared the TCD plan and concept with other leaders of the Manahari area. I shared about the importance of TCD in the community to make the people self-sustainable. Many leaders have invited me to teach TCD lessons. One leader, Divsimar*, taught his family and friends to start self-sustainable work and to involve them in Income Generation. I am very happy because Divsimar himself is doing Income Generation work. He started keeping goats and also making Nanglo (flat bamboo, oval trays). Both businesses are profitable.


I helped the village children by giving them some exercise books, pencils, and pens to support them in their school education. Through the TCD classes, we encourage children to go to school and they are attending. But for many children, it is very hard to buy copies, books, pens, bags, etc., so I decided to help them with copies, pens, and pencils. 


The Success Story of Tyag*

Tyag lives in Ramantar Village of Manahari, a rural municipality of Makawanpur district of Nepal. He has a beautiful family of five members, one wife, and three children. He had all kinds of problems in his family and life. He was very poor and had no income sources, no house, no medical facility, no good food and clothes for the family. Because of poverty and working so hard, he was very tired. He used to do manual labour. He had the skill of making ornaments. But he had no money to start a business making ornaments as his own business. His financial status was bad. Sometimes they ate only one time a day because of a lack of food and it was very difficult to provide the children with school supplies. 


When we started TCD in this village, Tyag joined the TCD group. He was an active member of TCD and he learnt so many important lessons. He applied all the teachings of TCD in his life. When Tyag needed money to start his business, we provided him with10,000 rupees as a loan. With that money, he started making ornaments in his own home. He bought all the needed instruments. Making these ornaments brought him a very good income. During the COVID-19 lockdown, he worked in his own home so he made a very good income during the lockdown time, also. Now, he earns 25,000-30,000 rupees per month. Tyag says that now he is financially self-sustaining. He can provide good food, good health, and good education for his children. He has been able to build a beautiful house for his family, by doing this Income Generation work with the help of the TCD programme. Tyag is very happy and wants to give thanks to the TCD programme.


Thank you!



*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Divsimar" and “Tyag” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.