Leaders Excitedly Collaborate!

North Thailand TCD Expansion


In November, GHNI’s Southeast Asia Resource Team met with a group of around 60 community leaders from different regions in Thailand. Opportunities such as this to cast vision with local leaders are critical to our success, as our approach is built heavily on partnerships. For a little more than one day, our team took these leaders through five Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons designed to introduce them to the ideas and methods that GHNI uses to help communities develop sustainably. GHNI staff members were excited to see how enthusiastically these community leaders engaged with the material; the TCD process heavily emphasises group work and collaborative problem solving, and this group took right to it. In fact, they enjoyed the work so much that, even when time was running out and we had to get everyone back together for presentations, our translator had a hard time getting them to stop! He said that he was surprised at how much they were enjoying the training. 


The Resource Team facilitated lessons on the Million Village Challenge, Building Community Ownership, and Needs and Resources of a Community. Our team also facilitated a lesson on Micro-Enterprises and another on Making a Business Plan, as these leaders were particularly interested in building small businesses in their communities. Now, it is up to these community leaders to decide if they want to enter into a partnership with GHNI. If they desire this, then we could begin further training and help them as they begin sustainable development in their communities. We are very excited at this prospect.


Thank you!