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Event in Colorado: Learn How to Use TCD

If you are interested in humanitarian or mission work, helping impoverished communities transform themselves from hopeless to prosperous...

Then join us at the Transformational Community Development (TCD) Training, Jan. 25-27, 2019 in Colorado Springs!

TCD is a low cost, low tech model to train poor villages to become hope-filled, self-sustaining villages.

TCD is a method of development that teaches a community to:

How to Get Involved on United Nations Day

Today, October 24, is United Nations Day: A day to celebrate unity and opportunity through the United Nations.

It is the perfect time to start thinking about world leaders who will be attending the 2019 Geneva Institute for Leadership and Public Policy (GILPP), a GHNI event in partnership with UNITAR.


What is GILPP?

Sarah's Story: Short-Term Trip to Kenya

"When I heard about Global Hope Network International’s strategy of Transformational Community Development (TCD), I was impressed right away. I had my own opinions about international relief work from my past experience working with other organizations and knowledge from classes on community development. GHNI’s strategy was exactly how I thought relief and development should be carried out.

Wanna GIVE away? We need your miles!

Did you know that Global Hope Network always has a need for airline tickets? Our staff work all over the United States, including Florida, Hawaii, and Colorado, and they frequently travel domestically to meet with important stakeholders, train new staff, and connect to international airports.

Contact our office today to learn how you can donate your miles! We are particularly interested in Southwest Airlines points and flights.

Does This Describe You?

By: Maria Luisa Hosseinzadeh

Leadership Training Brings Opportunity for Change

By: Mike Shea

My flight was delayed 3 hours. Seated next to me was a retired Army General. By the dignified way he carried himself I wasn't surprised. He asked about my job. 
"I equip government leaders in developing nations."
He respectfully asked, "Are you able to bring culture change with your leadership training?"

Global Hope Network International (GHNI) Meets Myanmar:

Impact of Leadership

By Dee Rivers
Part 6

Global Hope Network International (GHNI) Meets Myanmar: Disaster destroys the delta but opens the door.

On maps, Myanmar resembles a flame leaping up into the Indo-China landscape from the Bay of Bengal, spreading from a long, thin wick of land on the coast of the Andaman Sea. The people who live in the coastal delta -- farmers, traders, fishermen, laborers -- coexist in harmony, despite having vastly different ethnic origins -- of which Myanmar has 135!

The Impact of Leadership, by Dee Rivers Part Five

The Impact of Leadership

by Dee Rivers
​Part Five


Myanmar: From Mayhem to Miracle

"May a myriad good things with vigour have a chance; may the peacock have its call and dance."
-- Thakin Kodaw Hmaing, 1920

Hidden, hurting, hard, and harrowing -- such are the typical backstories of the places from whence come leaders who enter Transformational Leadership Development (TLD) training.

Effective leaders do not leave others in the dust.

Effective leadership
Part 4

By: Dee Rivers

Effective leaders do not leave others in the dust.

“Module Two focuses on building leaders around you,” says Shea. “Successful leaders need leaders at every level.”

This module presents three imperatives: Coaching, Helping, and Fixing. It shows leaders how to create an environment to build (coach) other leaders, hence multiplying their impact.

As with any team, choosing the right people is paramount.

An evolved leader marginalizes no one.

The Impact of Leadership
Part 3

by: Dee Rivers

An equitable leader looks at his or her world and interacts with others to clarify goals, encourage teamwork, attract support and resources, and set a course to a better future.


Transformational Leadership Development (TCD) is an intensive course for emerging world leaders that shows how to see past the status quo to positive change through inspiring others to excel in new ways.