Leading by Example

Shambani Village, Kenya

Mr. Albino is a Transformational Community Development (TCD) leader in Shambani Village. He says that his life has personally changed as a result of our TCD coaching over several years. His ways of reasoning are not like before. He had given up, along with the community, after the government and other stakeholders came in with the purpose of helping the village with hand-outs. He ended up seeing dependence and poverty rise even more.

Things took a turn for the better when GHNI came entered the picture. We had a different approach to the matter where the village must be fully involved and individual effort is required to bring real transformation. Our 50-50 principal made them deliver on their half of the effort!

Albino says, “Personally, this challenged me even more. I took the opportunity to transform my leadership skills as I worked along with the village for a better community. I learned not to dictate to people but to hold hands and show by example. I got discouraged in the past from receiving handouts. This time, I learned ‘how to fish’ for myself.”

“Our entire village has learned this lesson, and the fruits are loudly visible,” Albino says with pride.