Learning About Boundaries

Ezbit el Amir Village, Egypt


Rania’s* Story


I called Rania to check up on her. She told me that she’s feeling sad and upset lately because her daughter had a fight with her mother-in-law and left her husband’s house. Also, her husband took their daughter away from her, which has been very hard on her. Rania also tried to make her husband understand that there should be some boundaries in their relationship with his relatives so that they don’t mingle in their family matters. After this long conversation, he told her that he was going to think about what to do. Now they’re waiting for him to find a solution to this problem. She said that she remembers clearly the lesson she attended in our centre about boundaries in relationships. 


Rashida’s* Story


I met Rashida who was crying because her husband and older son were arrested 55 days ago for unjust charges. She explained to us that they bought land and built a building on it. Her older son was preparing his apartment in this building in order to get married. After a while, we learnt that this land belonged to the government, and the government officials came to demolish all of the buildings in this area. The residents of the area protested and stopped them from knocking down their buildings. The government officials arrested 28 people, including this woman’s husband and older son. They were unjustly charged with other actions they never committed. They have been locked up since then. 


This woman has two other children in primary school, and she doesn’t know what to do. They don’t have any income right now and they are struggling financially. She also has been having a severe headache and has never stopped crying since the incident. We tried helping them by giving them food supply boxes. We are also contacting our local partners to start a small project to secure a fixed monthly income for this family.


Safiya’s* Story


Because of the current COVID-19 situation, many people have lost their jobs, and they’re struggling due to a lack of income. Fortunately, we have been able to help. Safiya* started a small store project to sell women’s accessories and makeup.


We went with her to an area in which those products are sold at wholesale prices. We bought all the items needed to start the store, which cost 1,500 Egyptian pounds. She was so happy that she was able to own a store and have her own small project. Her hope was restored.

Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader

*For purposes of safety and wellbeing, “Rania”, “Rashida “ and “Safiya “ are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project