Learning and Caring Happen Here

House of Ruth, Jordan


English Class

Our teacher Moreen has taught our beloved English students many lessons. The seasons of the year were one of them. The weather was lovely, so she took the students outside and the students loved the new experience of learning outside a classroom. They enjoyed the nice spring weather, learning, and live-practising. Other lessons were about how to apologise and about numbers. The teacher is using different and fun ways to teach the children so they can learn in the best and most enjoyable way. Sometimes she pairs them up to practice by conversing with each other. The students are also asked to form sentences and ask questions.


Computer Class

In the computer class, Moreen taught the following lessons: keyboard shortcuts (what they are, when and how to use them). She also taught the students how to create folders, organise, name, and save them. Next, they learnt how to use the paint programme. Their computer skills are improving!


The Clinic

At the House of Ruth, our doctor and nurse have seen and treated 18 patients with a variety of issues in the last few weeks. Our medical crew has provided the needed treatment, medicine, and advice about their lifestyle and how to become healthier. 


One of the patients who was recently treated in the clinic is from Iraq. Her name is Sifa. She came to Jordan many years ago. Sifa is a 51-years-old widow with seven children. During her stay in Jordan, she had to go back to Iraq as life was getting harder on her and she wanted her children to be educated. Now, she and her children are back in Jordan. 


Sifa has inflammation in her heart, high blood pressure, eczema, and pain in her bones and joints. Doctor Emil advised her to stop using salt, drink more water, and exercise. He also gave her the needed medication for her high blood pressure. 


Sewing Class

The sewing teacher started a new course with two Jordanian women and one Palestinian; Hanan, Basma and Safa'a. They were introduced to the sewing machine, its parts, its supplies, and how to fix any insertion that was done wrong. Also, they learnt how to make pillows, bedsheets, small girl dresses, and shorts. The ladies are very excited about this course and learning new things every week!


Mosaic Workshop

The participants are continuing working on their Tree of Life pieces. They have completed 80% of the mosaic. We look forward to enjoying the final artistic product!


Thank you!


Ma’in Team
House of Ruth