Learning and Loving

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


The women and children enjoyed a trip together this quarter. In our class time, we presented many different topics including ethical, social, and health issues. We discussed parenthood, addiction, and anxiety. We also discussed ulcers and addressed what causes them and how we can protect ourselves against them. After the lesson, a woman, Nadia, shared that her husband has ulcers and takes medication but still has symptoms. She said she realized during our training session that she needs to change her cooking habits to help her husband feel better. Most of the food she cooks is accompanied by hot sauce and this is harmful to him. She now knows why the medication has not helped him and is going to pay closer attention to what she is cooking so that the food will not be harmful to her husband.


We plan to continue discussing many topics next quarter, focusing on enthusiasm, meaningful relationships, harmony between spouses, and positive thinking. We will also address healthcare topics and various diseases.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


We accomplished much this quarter and taught 200 children about being “the bright star in the darkness.” We played a variety of games, held a bazaar, had breakfast with the children, and took an enjoyable trip with about 100 children and their mothers. We also covered important topics including self-control, guilt, talking kindly with one another, and true friendship. Next quarter, we will continue with lessons on nutrition, health and safety. This will include some sex education and dispelling of myths. Many fun activities are planned as well, including singing, acting, watching cartoon films and getting haircuts. The quarter will close with our end of the year celebration!



GHNI National Field Leader