Learning to Care for Oneself and Others

Helwan Village, Egypt


Children of Helwan


With a big happy smile on his face, a child told us that he wished to swim in the pool and to go to a picnic. Now that wish came true. He thanked us as he was telling us that he will attend our classes regularly and he will bring his friends with him.


During the last three months, we visited the pool four times and taught lessons on life and death and how to use medical materials for drowning cases. We also presented lessons on rape, the importance of cooperating, and being responsible. Next quarter we plan on teaching many lessons including first aid, the importance of learning, ethical behavior, and the role of the army and police. We will also talk about talent development and the right to self-defense.


Women of Helwan


We presented a lesson about diabetes and how to deal with it. There is a lady who is diabetic, and her diabetes level is always high. She measures her diabetes from time to time by checking her sugar levels. She doesn’t eat healthy foods, which is not helpful in her case. But after we presented the lesson, she started to eat healthy food and pay more attention to taking care of her health. She is now following up with her diabetes and measuring her blood sugar regularly. She knows that sadness and nervousness affect diabetes big time, so we encouraged her to take care of this as well.  


During the last three months, we presented many topics in our classes. In April, we talked about diabetes, how to face problems and sadness, and the ruling on building a house. In May, we discussed domestic violence, nervousness, and marriage infidelity. In June, we presented topics on the risks of parental involvement in marital problems and how to be a friend to your wife/husband. We also had a medical convoy in June.


We have many activities planned for the next quarter as well. In July we will be taking a trip and presenting lessons on anger and taking care of your health. In August, we will discuss how to communicate with teenagers, generosity, and the uses of vinegar. In September, we will be talking about handiwork and how to deal with financial problems.


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader