Learning, Even without a Roof

*U Village, Sri Lanka

It was a bumpy, bouncy journey on a make-do road to the math class location. A certain section of the roadway had washed away due to the prevailing rains. They say it is only one kilometer to the tutoring class (about 2/3 mile) - we think it is more. We traveled in a three-wheeler, negotiating potholes and mud stretches. If it rains, the only shelter for the children is the rubber trees. One must be careful of robbers, as this journey is through a rubber estate with few houses on the way.

The journey was difficult, however, happiness filled our hearts when we saw the first batch of children leave and the second take their places on the benches. We saw some faces from the English class who had walked the distance to the math class.

The class is held in the open, exposed to environmental conditions. A covering is very necessary to protect the children from the sun and rain. Going through the attendance sheet, we saw that almost all the children come to class, regardless of the sun or rain.

We will meet with their parents about this new location and educate them on Transformational Community Development (TCD). We will discuss with them its importance and how it will help the village in five sectors—Education, Income Generation, Wellness, Food, and Water.

The committees have informed us that more children want to come for the tutoring class. At the moment, our maximum is 30 children in two sessions. We have now added a volunteer teacher for younger children.

What makes our day is to see happy, smiling faces awaiting the start-up of class. Thank you for helping these villagers do the impossible in a dark and hopeless area.

Celeste & Jay

GHNI National Field Leaders, Sri Lanka


*For purposes of security and well-being, “U Village” is a pseudonym of the village being helped by this project.