Learning from Experience

Valley of Ali, Afghanistan


Villagers of Yakawlang are planting hybrid poplar trees. They are very happy because these trees are growing faster and quickly create an income for local farmers. About 3,750 poplar cuttings were distributed to 15 farmers this past spring. There are lots of improvements from planting the hybrid poplar trees in the Yakawlang District and neighboring villages. Every farmer who receives the poplar cuttings is trained personally on how to grow them in their fields.


In addition to poplar trees, we have started a demonstration kitchen garden on our land. Initially, there were some problems in the late spring. Some of the strawberries that we planted turned brown and have not grown very well. However, the plants in the greenhouse were not affected by the late frost. Now, we planted other plants in the demonstration garden, like cucumbers and radishes. They are doing well. We hope to learn from our failures and successes this year, and next year’s planting will be even better!


Thank you!


The GHNI-Afghanistan Team