Learning How to Mother

Đorgovska mahala, Serbia


Her name is Sanja. She lives in Djorgovska mahala. She is 20 years old and has a husband and a 9-month-old baby. Her husband didn’t have steady income, and when the baby was born, she didn’t have ability to support their baby. She had psychological problems, so most of the child care was taken over by the mother-in-law who lives nearby. Even if her mother-in-law helped, Sanja was arguing all the time, didn’t like her, and didn’t want to help with housework or hygiene.

TCD brought change in Sanja’s life. She takes on the responsibility of a mother, learns how to properly feed her baby, keep her safe, and take care of her. She respects her mother-in-law and helps her with housework. Others can also see a change in her life. She is now more satisfied and calmer, as are her husband and mother-in-law.


Thank you!


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