Learning to Think Sustainably

Part of sustainable development for the villagers who work with us is learning to change their way of thinking—“Will this sustain me today?” to “Will this sustain me for a lifetime?”  These two villages have been making great progress, according to GHNI-India’s leaders, who have shared these transformational stories…


Education Explosion!

Jatapara Village, India

“Right now our focus in Jatapara is Education and Income Generation. The committee has found these two as the top priority needs. Because of the lack of teachers in government school, students learn very little. At the same time, parents also were not very serious about their children’s education.


“After GHNI’s Transformational Community Development (TCD) brought the awareness about education, parents have been sending their children regularly.  Number of children coming to after school education has increase from 15 to 60.  Along with education, we are also teaching them music and dance. Children are very excited about this.

“We have formed an Income Generation Committee of all ladies. Men from this village go to Dumka town for work. It is very difficult to get them involved in the committee. Many of the women in this village make country liquor and sell it to earn some money. During our committee meeting they agreed that this is not good for their society. So they have decided to plant cash crop for additional income.”

Family Displays Model Behavior

Dhoker Jhara Village, India

“Chunu and his family are growing towards becoming a model family from Hemodpur Village in Dhoker Jhara cluster of villages. Recently our GHNI Transformational Community Development (TCD) Trainer taught them about dish-drying rack. He immediately made a dish-drying rack.

“His next plan is to do something for income generation.  We have a great hope from this family. They will surely become TCD family.”