Learning for the Young and Old

Mudiyambo Village, Ethiopia

Learning on Full Bellies

Mudiyambo is one of GHNI’s project villages in Ethiopia, with an estimated 150 households. According to the village report, there are 750 children with parents. When GHNI started working in the village, the total attendance of children in the elementary school was 178. After we started work there, the attendance doubled. Now 390 children are in school.

Transformational Community Development (TCD) workers established the five committees of TCD. One is the education committee, which is working hard to convince parents to send their children to school instead of to watch their cattle in the bush. GHNI built a lunch room in Mudiyambo Village elementary school two years ago. Due to malnutrition in the area, GHNI is participating in a supplemental food assistance program with cooperating partners for the elementary school children.  As evident in the picture, during lunch time all the children are very happy.

Learning to Diversify

In the third year of the project, 18 men and women are cultivating ten acres of communal land. This group has started 7,000 coffee plants. First, they sold 5,600 coffee seedlings to their neighbors, at six Birr (about $0.30) per seedling, earning 33,600 Birr total (around $1,700). They then planted the remaining 1,400 seedlings.

All the group members say that because of this activity, their lives have changed. Their income has increased and they can send their children to school. They are able to provide enough food for their families. As we have said in previous reports, up to this time most of the village were dependent on their animals until the drought happened. They lost all their cattle (meaning their entire life’s savings) and life was extremely difficult. However, now that they have applied what they learned from TCD, they can diversify their income and minimize their problems.

In addition to this, when the government officials saw this good experience and life-changing program, it provided a water pump for the groups and built a new dam for irrigation.

Thank you for partnering with us in Mudiyambo Village. Great strides are being made in transferring knowledge through TCD.


GHNI TCD Worker, Ethiopia