Lessons Help Save Lives

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


Om Refka told us that the first aid lesson helped her a lot at work. She works with garbage and she used to get injured a lot by broken glass and syringes, and she used to leave the wounds without cleaning them or anything. After a while, she discovered that she has Hepatitis C. During the first aid training, she learned the danger of ignoring wounds and spreading viruses. She decided to take care of herself and started wearing gloves while working. Now she can do first aid on herself and any of her family members.


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Marina saved her little brother from an electric shock! Marina is just ten years old and said that one day her brother was in the kitchen when suddenly a lamp fell to the floor with the electrical wires still attached. Her brother fell over the lamp with a glass of water in his hand. Marina quickly called her father and he cut the electricity to the whole house. She moved her brother away from the lamp. She learned about electric shock in one of GHNI’s lessons, so she went home and watched some videos to learn more. She is happy that she could save her brother and her dad was also proud of her.


GHNI National Field Leader