Lessons Inspiring Change

*DG Village, Nepal


This past quarter, we taught about clean drinking water, personal health care, and sanitation. They learned about the importance of a clean environment. We taught lessons on disease prevention for diseases such as malaria, diarrhea, and dysentery.


We continued teaching lessons on slavery prevention to raise awareness. We continually teach the lessons to the women groups, literacy classes, and children’s groups.


Ten families have constructed toilets and started using them. They have become models for other villages. In DG Village, the behavior of the community has changed. Women are attentive in our education class, where they are also learning Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons. They realized that education and their attitude can give them a better destiny.


**Devaj is an energetic and helpful TCD committee member in this village. He has a wife and two children. When he understood the vision of GHNI, he became so helpful in our work to raise awareness in the village. **Bhadra, Devaj’s wife, now fully understands the importance of health and hygiene. They decided to build a toilet in their home. Since they started using the toilet, they do not want to go to an open toilet.


Devaj has helped to raise awareness with the surrounding communities about the need of a toilet in every house. He is not an educated person, but he now understands the toilet is very important and can save him and his family from various diseases. He shares the importance of toilets and encourages his neighbors and relatives to use the toilet and keep clean.


His daughter and son are attending school regularly. Bhadra works in the field and also looks after goats and cows. They are helpful in maintaining the family.


In this village, there is child marriage. Most of the children do not go to school, and many villagers drink alcohol and stay idle. We are raising awareness about these issues and their attitude has changed.


Some TCD workers in the cluster village requested to go and teach, if it is possible. They wanted to help others build toilets in their village. It was difficult for our staff members to travel to the village, so GHNI provided bicycles for **Suprit and **Shreyas. This will help our staff members reach the village more quickly and easily.


Sushil B.


*For purposes of security, “DG Village” is a pseudonym for the village being helped by this project.
** For purposes of well-being and security, “Devaj,” “Bhadra,” “Suprit,” and “Shreyas” are pseudonyms for persons involved with this project.