Lessons Lead to Sustainable Income!

Chainpur (CP) Village, Nepal


To accomplish the goal for this village, the most essential part was to educate the villagers, including the children, to motivate them to want to transform their lives to the point of sustainability. I have continued teaching Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons and training the families and community leaders. Teaching and following up with them about family Income Generation, Wellness, use of safe Water, healthy Food and Education is my routine, and I never miss teaching them every week. 


I have focussed on practical field work in the community. We have expanded TCD activities into other villages as well! This month, I visited one new village that is three hours walking distance from Chainpur Village. It is Maisirang Village. I met the leader Saadar*. The life of the villagers is miserable, and it is very hard for them to survive by themselves. We distributed some food for the 55 families in coordination with other leaders. I got the chance to share about the TCD lessons. I shared about sanitation, hand washing and Health Education. I then talked to Saadar personally about the TCD movement and told him to teach his people to be clean, healthy and self-sustainable. It was a very important meeting. 


This month, in Chainpur Village, we have started a small Water project, and the villagers started the work of digging mud for the harvest tank. We have asked for funds from the government and are waiting for their response.  


Successful Story

Mr Baban* is an active youth in Chainpur Village. He had plans to go abroad in order to earn money, but unfortunately, because of no money and COVID-19, he couldn’t go abroad. He was facing financial problems. When we started TCD in this village, he joined the class and learnt lessons which gave him ideas for Income Generation. He was highly encouraged. We provided him with Seed Money and he was able to start poultry farming with it. By working in poultry, he is earning good money. During the year, he has been able to buy an auto rickshaw. Now, he drives it and it is a good profitable business. Today, he is earning monthly 30,000-35,000 NPR which is exceptionally good income. He is self-sustainable. His wife is involved in buffalo raising, and she has kept two buffaloes. This family is very active in TCD class and training, and are doing volunteer service as well. They are self-sustainable and no longer have to go abroad to earn money.


Thank you!




*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, "Sreva", “Saadar” and “Baban” are pseudonyms for the individuals involved with this project.