Lessons Learnt

House of Ruth, Jordan


English & Computer Classes

This month in English Class, the students were studying the topic of “Places in my Neighbourhood”. They have learnt new vocabulary and sentences associated with this topic. They also studied spelling and pronunciation and how to form meaningful sentences, questions and responses.

The lessons which were covered this month under the main topic are as follows: Supermarket, Police Station, Hospital, School, Pharmacy, Bakery, and Shop.


Some questions and sentences they learnt to form are as follows: “Where are you going?”,

“Where is the girl going?”, “I am going to the ……”, “I walk to the ……”, “She walks to the …… “.


In the Computer Class, the students learnt how to create tables (spreadsheets), how to add and remove rows and columns. They also learnt how to change and control the size of the table and its cells. The students had fun exploring how to apply different colours in the cell itself as well as for the font. 


The teacher asked each student to create two tables. One table would contain their weekly assignments and the other table would contain their weekly lessons. In this way, the teacher will make sure each student practised and would put all that they had learnt into practical application. This would help each student better understand how to grade their improvement. 

The Clinic

January has been a very cold month in Jordan. Not many patients visited the clinic. However, the doctor and the nurse were committed to be at the clinic and make themselves available. They were glad that the clinic was able to assist and help the few patients who came its way despite the cold this month. The patients were a mix of Jordanian and Syrian refugees.


Sewing Class

This course was completed on Jan 17th, 2022. The teacher was very pleased by the trainees’ level of commitment. Except for 2-3 classes, the trainees never missed a class dating back to when the course started on Oct 18th, 2021. The participating women were very pleased with this course as well. They were grateful for the teacher’s encouragement and follow ups on their progress. The women, as a practical application to what they have learnt, have sewed a variety of items including baby clothing, formal ladies’ clothing, Islamic dress clothing, and a couple of other items. 


They are still thankful for this opportunity to learn and develop new skills that will help them at this present time as well as in the future.


One woman named Manal remarked, “I have mastered how to cut, sew, and recycle old fabric or clothing to create beautiful and new pieces. I was able to sew one of my pants which was in good condition but I could no longer fit and gave the pants to my daughter and did not need to purchase a new piece. This is great and very helpful that I can do that for my own household.”   


Mosaic Workshop

The women are continuing to practise. They work with the stones, cutting, shaping and placing them in the right place and angle. They are completing the art pieces they are currently doing.

Thank you!



GHNI Admin Assistant, Jordan