Letting Kindness Prevail

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl


Maria, a ten-year-old girl, shared the following in front of other children: “I used to get easily angered and yelled at others. I used to annoy my brother Youssef at home, but after attending the lesson, I learnt to be kind and not violent. I decided to keep away from anger. I have changed and I have drawn a picture of anger to remind me to be a quieter person, and stop being violent. My mum is present here, and you can ask her.”

Asking the mum about Maria, she said: “Many thanks to you for these lessons that you are teaching to my children. I really noticed how Maria has changed during this week, and she is becoming quieter. She stopped yelling and being mad at us as she used to be.

When I saw her drawing, I asked her about it, and she told me how she has changed because of the lessons she learnt from GHNI.

Women of Ezbit el Nakhl


For the women’s group, we presented a lesson on “The Five Languages of Love”. However, most women were commenting that the lesson should be given to younger women and not to them.

Later, at the end of the meeting, an elderly lady called Om Nazeeh came to me and asked, “My husband won’t let me join the event at the community centre, so how can I be good and nice to him?! He is giving me such a hard time. I don’t deny that I love him, but I never tell him so.”

I advised her to tell him some nice words while smiling and showing him how she likes him and wait to see his reaction. Om Nazeeh called me five days later telling me, “Oh, your advice worked well, and my husband agreed that I can join the event on the condition that I don’t get back home late”. She was really delighted and told me she will follow this tip from now on, as love performs miracles.


GHNI National Field Leader