Life Changing Lessons

Ezbit el Nakhl Village, Egypt


Children of Ezbit el Nakhl​​

The mother of five-year-old Keroles and six-year-old Jomana attends the social development classes every week. She was hitting her children because they didn’t eat salad. After they took the lesson about healthy nutrition and the importance of vegetables to the body’s health, the children began eating more vegetables. They also stopped eating chips and junk food. The most encouraging thing is that their dad is so happy that there is such a place to teach children these healthy lessons. He thanked Mr. Azmy a lot. A second encouraging thing is that the neighbors took the same nutrition course and were very happy that the center is open to everyone because more children are learning lessons for themselves and their families.


Women of Ezbit el Nakhl

This month we introduced different lessons on beliefs, enthusiasm and communication between spouses and children. Some of the women asked me to introduce a lesson about how to protect children from sexual abuse. It is a very important lesson. We began with what sexual abuse is, both verbal and physical, and how we can protect children from this abuse. We also talked about how to accept and care for the victims, making sure that they knew the abuse is not their fault.


A lady came to me at the end of the lesson and told me that her son had been sexually assaulted and he hid the abuse from her. He then started to sexually assault his sisters. Not knowing any better, the lady hit him and punished him very harshly. We taught her that all her children needed psychological help and, after the lesson, she decided she needed to love and help them.


GHNI National Field Leader