A Life Saved

Refugees in Jordan


Yemeni Refugees in Jordan


Mobile Clinic

This month, our mobile clinic received patients from Yemen. Some of them have chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and hyperlipidemia, especially the older age group. Most of the patients who visited us this month had simple illnesses like the flu, sore throat and tonsillitis. All these people are psychologically so tired, especially the mums. They are under heavy stress thinking about their children's future as many of them lost their husbands in the war.

Our role is to provide support, not just on the medical level, but on the psychological level, as well as encouraging them to be strong.


Families Adopting Families 


Iraqi Refugee

In this month we had a wheelchairs sponsor team who came to Jordan to distribute wheelchairs to many needy people who are from different nationalities.

*Ahmad is one of the people who came to receive a wheelchair. Ahmad is from Iraq and  is only eight years old. He has been in Jordan for five years as a refugee. He was born with paralysis of the lower legs. Ahmad has a beautiful spirit despite the abuse he was experiencing from his cousins.

We encouraged Ahmad by helping him know that he is special and has a special purpose in life. Ahmad is full of faith and hopeful because when his close friend was in the ICU he got healed.


Syrian Refugees

*Aseel, a sweet delightful girl, is a Syrian. She is a year and a half old. Aseel is living with her big family of 17 members living together. Aseel’s parents fled from Syria due to the war and came to Jordan as refugees. They have been in Jordan since 2012. 


Aseel was born with a hole in her heart and needed surgery. She was supposed to have the surgery when she was seven months old.  Because the surgery was expensive and her parents couldn't afford it and they didn’t get any support from anyone, Aseel didn’t have the surgery.


GHNI found her and helped her. The doctor who did her surgery said the following,  “Many thanks for GHNI which helped to save the life of this baby. If she hadn’t had this surgery at this time her parents would've lost her.” Aseel had the surgery, and it was hard. She stayed in the ICU for nine days. She came through the surgery and is healthy now!


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Ahmad,” and “Aseel” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.