Lifting the Burdens of All

Shambani Village, Kenya


Before GHNI stepped in with the idea of self-sustainability in Shambani Village, many young men and women were idle and not involved in anything. In the course our daily visits to the village, we noticed the problem and decided to turn it around by sharing meaningful lessons. We taught the villagers business ideas which involved and benefitted them rather than them staying idle. The villagers were really happy with the ideas which were helpful to them if they worked on them. GHNI decided to loan money to those who would work hard to invest in ideas which would help them.


Mama Hannah is one of the villagers who took a loan and she decided to invest in a cart which she uses to transport water from the borehole to households of villagers. Hannah transports it in cash terms which is 20 ksh per 20 litres, and this idea has been profitable for her and the whole community. Villagers who could not get water had to go long distances for water and the process of carrying the water is tiring. Mama Hannah’s system has reduced the suffering of women in the community who were carrying heavy jerricans of water for long distances. Hannah is happy and thankful to GHNI for changing her life and also for the community.