Lighting the Way

Kharibari Village, India


I was encouraging villagers to sit together from time to time to discuss problems in the village. Though we meet weekly for Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons and other discussion, it is women who are more active. During one such meeting, they brought up the problem of lack of street lighting on the way to the village. I found a source for free solar panel lights. The only requirement was to send an application to the Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) with signatures of villagers. Accordingly, our committee gathered the villagers and we wrote an application for the said purpose. The application was written by villagers and around 12 signed it. Now, we are seeking an appointment with the MLA to submit the same. With this little initiative, villagers are really happy and confident that they are a part of something good in the village, especially those 12 villagers who signed the application. Very soon, we will submit it to the MLA who has assured us of getting the job done.


Our Saturday special classes are going well, and most children are regularly attending school. They really enjoy our Saturday classes, as we not only provide small snacks or sweets, but we are also teaching them differently than village schools. We teach the English names of different body parts, shapes and sizes, greetings, and names of colors, as well as manners and etiquette. They are picking up the English terminology well.


Now that harvest season has begun, our committee has decided to put our weekly meetings on hold for a few weeks.