Literally the End of the Road

North Thailand TCD Expansion


In March 2021, Thailand began experiencing the most significant outbreak of COVID-19 since the pandemic began. This outbreak eventually made its way to Northern Thailand where travel restrictions were increasingly put in place to “flatten the curve” of the disease. 


Before the restrictions set in, our team visited a village named Kun Huay Wai which is about an hour up the mountain from Baan Pongsa. Our Man of Peace in Baan Pongsa connected us with a community leader who has been visiting this particular village for over a decade and who acted as the Man of Peace for this village. This village was settled by a group of families a couple generations ago and is largely isolated from the rest of the region; it is literally the “end of the road”. The villagers have been considered “squatters” for many years as they do not officially own the land, though they are in the process of legally acquiring it now. This village’s leader is a humble man who repeatedly asked our team if we have any ideas for how they can improve certain things and who invited us back again. The community farms their food and only makes money if they have left over food to sell. Their children go to school in another village and their electricity is limited. Further assessment will be needed.


Despite the restrictions, our team has been able to make progress in other areas. GHNI’s team in Thailand grew by one person this month as we entered into a partnership with a local woman named Som. Som has a bachelor’s degree in political science and over 10 years of experience working in the mountains of Northern Thailand. Som has been working with us periodically for a few months now, so we are excited to bring her on as a partner. Som is familiar with Transformational Community Development (TCD) and has learnt through our work together. We are presently taking her through more training so that she can take the lead when possible. 


Thank you!