A Little Girl’s Passion for Social Justice

Hoogly Village, India


This time, I would like to share the story of a girl named Anamika. This little eight-year-old is surprisingly passionate about social justice, and she is willing to stand for it one day. Anamika’s father’s name is Amar and her mother’s name is Radha. She also has a younger brother. The family is run by her father, who is a driver for a private firm, and her mother is a housewife. Living in the school bari (state of Uttar Pradesh) of Bhadrakali, Uttarpara, she is studying in the 5th grade.


Anamika got admission to our computer center through her parents. They came to know about it through other students and were excited to know we are providing quality education for cheaper fees. Discovering this, they brought Anamika the very next day to gain her admission. Her parents are very excited to educate their child in our computer center. She is pursuing the one-year course. Anamika’s dream is to become a police officer and to one day eradicate corruption from her society.



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