A Little Love Goes a Long Way

Kiwanjani Village, Kenya


Kiwanjani is one of the Isiolo villages where a majority of people live below the poverty level. Due to the poor living standards and thus the lack of money to pay the school fees, many teenage girls become dropouts and some inevitably find themselves with an early pregnancy. As GHNI discovered this social challenge, they summoned the people of the village together to look for positive solutions to this blight that undermines the lives of Kiwanjani villagers. This has led to an initiative in which 14 teenage girls, who dropped out of school due to early pregnancy, have found shelter and hope.


After a time of mentoring, six girls have managed to return to school and the remaining eight girls were introduced to the Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). They begin to contribute 50 KSH every week. After the contributions are collected, funds are given and designated to start a small business. This group of girls has progressed quite well with this venture and they deeply appreciate GHNI for their support.


For the six who returned to school, GHNI has given them some small financial support to aid in paying their school fees and their own mothers who are left to take care of the babies. They have also been brought together and introduced to VSLA. They contribute 50 KSH every week. After the contributions, one of them has been given the funds to start a small vegetable and fruit business. GHNI took note of their commitment and hard work. In turn, GHNI supported them additionally with financial aid to boost their businesses by increasing their VSLA share. These women are becoming increasingly independent and are able to support their families, pay school fees for their teenage girls, and save some money for the future. They appreciate GHNI for impacting their lives and bringing positive change into their community. 


Thank you!



GHNI National Field Leader