A Little Peace Each Day

by Allison Young


There is a great mobile app we’ve been using here at Global Hope Network International, both to raise funds and to support our causes. Google One Today allows you to donate $1 to organizations running projects you care about. This is an amazingly transparent way to give a little and help a lot.


When heart-wrenching stories of violence, displacement and destruction come our way, it feels as though we are powerless to help. Focusing on the little victories reminds us that even a small change can make a difference in the lives of families and their communities. Here’s where you can start: donating just $1. The next step? Telling your friends. Over the past few years, GHNI has raised almost $50,000 in donations from Google One Today users alone. These small contributions fund our efforts to repair humanity’s future.


For instance, you may have been reading about how our Goat Loan Program in Jordan has been providing families with food and income. Giving a goat to a family can supply them with milk, butter, and goat kids that can be sold or loaned out to other families. If this project appeals to you, you can directly fund it on Google One Today. This way you can give anonymously and know exactly how you are helping.


You can make an immediate difference by sharing any of these fundraising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, or other social platforms. You can end gender disparity in education by getting school supplies to girls in rural Indonesia, or buying books for girls in India. GHNI is also bringing Transformational Community Development to Syrian and Iraqi refugees, and we need your help providing food, water and shelter to Middle Eastern families who are displaced from their homes. At the time of this post, we have over 25 separate projects running that you can choose from.


Google makes all this possible by covering the processing fees for donations and sending us the funds we raise for each project. Other than a direct donation to GHNI, this is the best way to give; other donation platforms often take a margin of the funds we earn, meaning that not all of what you spend makes it to the project you’re funding. This is not the case with Google One Today. 100% of your contributions are disbursed to the nonprofit effort of your choice.


GHNI would like to encourage you to help us in spreading hope by downloading this app and giving to one of our projects, or any other that speaks to your heart. For example, UNICEF is currently using Google One Today to supply water purification tablets to those affected by last year’s Nepal earthquake. Many wildlife preservation organizations participate in Google One Today as well.  If you care about it, it’s available through the application!


So download the free app from your app store (Google, Android and Apple) - One Today by Google.  Check it daily for projects from Global Hope Network International and donate $1.  Then, challenge friends through the app with the easy share link to donate alongside your gift!  Let’s end poverty together!


One Today is also available via the web at https://onetoday.google.com/.