Little Seeds, Big Change

Attir Village, Kenya


In Kenya, we have two planting seasons. As a Transformational Community Development (TCD) team, we teach the villagers on how they can prepare their farm on time and provide seed to those who cannot afford buying them. Because of our daily lessons to the villagers, their lives have changed so much; they are ready to learn and to improve their lives. Farming is one of the areas where we have seen great success and life has changed completely. Farmers have taken the opportunity to invest their resources in their ‘SHAMBA ’ so that they can get great output; this has shaped the lives of many in a major way. 


All this transformation was realised after we started monitoring them and also supporting them in terms of giving seed, farm chemicals, and fertilisers. In Attir Village, not all the villagers are farmers: it’s just a few people who farm around the source of water which was drilled with the help of Global Hope Network International. Mama Ekorot is one of the villagers who benefited from the seed distribution done by GHNI for the rainy season. She says that she didn’t have money to buy seed but now, through the support of Global Hope Network International, she can plant her farm. Mama Ekorot is thankful to GHNI and the great support accorded to her village.


Thank you,