Living to Live, Not Just Survive!

Dogon Gada, Village

Luka lives in Dogon Gada Village, Nigeria, with his wife and children.  When we first met this family, their life was full of hospital visits for illnesses such as malaria, the children’s severe diarrhea and vomiting, and skin diseases, just to name a few. 

Their life wasn’t really about living; it was about surviving.

Children are especially vulnerable to illness from malnutrition—not getting enough of the right kinds of food to sufficiently sustain life.  This level of malnutrition can illicit various diseases, excessive bloating, and lighter hair.  Childrens’ education suffers due to a high number of home sick days or poor performance for lack of concentration. In some cases, lack of proper nutrition is even fatal. 

Luka knew that his children’s future was in jeopardy.

Luka heard about the Transformational Community Development (TCD) lessons from the other villagers and jumped right in.  “Luka has been a good student of our TCD lessons on wellness,” reports Nigeria’s National Leader, “He practices everything he is taught.”  Luka’s devotion to living out the principles taught in TCD is evident.

“I have benefited immensely from TCD lessons on wellness and it has transformed my life,” Luka shares. “Now we eat more balanced diet and take care of our living environment like we have never done before. The resultant effect is today my family is a healthier family. I have not been to the hospital for about five months now as compared to the past when we used to make regular visits to the hospital.”

Families like Luka’s learn how to work hard to change their lives in TCD lessons.  They become consistent in using mosquito nets, following proper sanitation principles and more importantly, finding a sustainable source of fruits and vegetables to supplement their usual diet of only rice, beans, or maize.  Planting family gardens not only provides more meals for the family to share but also a larger variety of nutrients.  TCD workers help village families learn what will grow best in their village and how to irrigate and fertilize in a way which is sustainable.  The best part is that the children love helping, so they can pass on knowledge to their own families some day!

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