Living a Normal Life

Refugees in Jordan


Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Omari*  is a one year and five months old Syrian boy who has a heart condition-Arterial Switch. He has parents and three sisters. The father was working as a butcher. They lost their home due to indiscriminate bombing. The conditions were very bad. The war was cruel, and young men were taken and arrested by unknown groups.


Omari’s father and his brothers were fleeing from one area to another seeking a safe place to protect themselves. They left Syria. They were insecure and afraid (for their children), and came to Jordan. It was a very hard journey.  It took them days until they arrived in Jordan. It was unsafe, there was bombing on the road. They have been in Jordan since 2013.


When they arrived, they stayed at Al-Za’atary camp, and then they moved to Al-Azraq camp. They're safe and living without fear. Thankfully, the UN supports them monthly.  


When Omari was born, his skin color was blue. His parents took him to the hospital (that's the same hospital Omari was born in, and it belonged to the UN) and he had heart surgery. After nine months the doctors informed his parents that he needed another surgery.  


It was so hard for the father because he is a refugee and he is not allowed to work. The surgery cost a lot and he couldn’t afford it. The UN did not help or cover the cost.

With the help of GHNI & their partner-Morning Star, Omari’s sister had surgery before she was two years old. Omari’s family hopes he will grow up healthy and live a happy life as normal people. 


Now, as the surgery is done, the family is very thankful and appreciative for the support.  It meant a whole lot to the family to see their child living a normal life. 


TCD Update


We distributed 48 food boxes, 30 backpacks and 47 hygiene kits this month.



Yemeni Refugees in Jordan


Abia* is a Yemeni woman who has been in Jordan for three years because of the war. Abia has four children, and now she is five months pregnant. She needs vitamins (iron and calcium). 

Bibi* is a Yemeni woman who has three children. Bibi fled from Yemen because her husband is a Somali, and her parents didn’t want her to marry a Somali man. Bibi is in her eighth  month of pregnancy, and because they are refugees in Jordan and don’t have permission to work, Bibi can’t go to the doctor to check on how her pregnancy is or to buy the needed vitamins (iron and calcium).

Cala* is from Yemen who has been in Jordan for six years now. She left her country because of the war and the bad circumstances in Yemen. Cala is in her sixth month of pregnancy, and this is her very first child. Cala needs vitamin D (biodal 2000 IU).

Cantara* is a Yemeni woman who is a mother for two children. She is now in her seventh month of pregnancy. Cantara has been in Jordan for four years. She is a refugee and cannot work to provide. She needs vitamins (D, iron, and calcium) and eltroxin.

Derifa* is another Yemeni pregnant woman. Derifa left her country and came to Jordan because of the war. She is in her ninth month of pregnancy and needs iron and Pregna care.


TCD Update


We distributed 10 food boxes , 4 backpacks and 2 hygiene kits.



Families Adopting Families, Iraqi Refugees

During this month we had a programme to care for and cover some of the needs of the pregnant women and their newborns. There're women from Iraq, Yemen, and Egypt.

Meet some of our Iraqi women: 


Tofa*  is a mother of three children. She is from Nineveh Valley. Tofa and her family left Iraq when a militant group attacked Nineveh Valley and headed to Erbil. It was so hard for her to give birth to her son when they were not settled and had no place to stay.

She was living in a small tent in one of the public gardens in Erbil. Then she moved to live in a small caravan sharing the bathroom and the kitchen with many other families. After these hard conditions Tofa decided to leave Iraq with her family and come to Jordan.


Tofa was pregnant, and during her pregnancy she had some health issues and because they're refugees, her husband was not allowed to work.  It was hard for her to see the doctor regularly.

When the time to give birth came, she was supposed to give birth normally but she had obstructed labor, and had a cesarean surgery. 

After a week, her son had a spasm that led to bleeding in the brain. After a few days the bleeding stopped and turned into water in his head. He needed an operation. Thankfully, the surgery went well. The doctor has put in a tube that will stay with him for his lifetime.


Tofa couldn’t breast feed her son. She needed to use special milk because her baby was weak. The milk is called Similac and is expensive for them to provide it as needed. They find it challenging to provide diapers for him, too, in their current situation. The baby is two and a half months old. 


The second mother whose name is Lina* is from Kirkuk  Iraq. Her husband Milad*is from Nineveh Valley. When a militant group attacked Nineveh Valley, he left his place and moved to Kirkuk. They met in Kirkuk and got married. Milad’s father passed away because of the hard circumstances they were facing, and his mother has brain cancer.

When Nineveh Valley was liberated the government asked Milad to return to his work. He was an employee at one of the governmental ministries. Because the area was not safe, he decided to leave Iraq and come to Jordan.

Lina and Milad have a son and daughter. When Lina was pregnant, she had a neck problem. Lina had cesarean surgery. They had to pay for the surgery, as no one helped. That was difficult for them as refugees especially since they were not allowed to work. The baby was born two months early. Tofa couldn't breastfeed. She's using milk (aptamil AR). Diapers are one of their greatest needs currently.  


TCD Update


22 food boxes, 15 backpacks, and 8 hygiene kits were distributed


Thank you!



GHNI Assistant Regional Field Leader

*For the purpose of safety and wellbeing, “Omari”, “Abia”, “Bibi”, “Cala”, “Cantara“ “Derifa”, “Tofa “ “Lina”and “Milad” are pseudonyms for individuals being helped by this project.