Local Elder Illustrates TCD Transformation

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


This quarter people were working in the fields and now they are still harvesting apples and grapes. We continued to work in key areas of Transformational Community Development (TCD) such as Food, Education, Health and Income Generation, and were able to bring many transformations in the community. We held various classes in the field of Food, Education, Water, Health. We also encouraged parents to send their children to school for their education. Through the TCD movement, people adopt healthy habits, and have a desire to become self-sustaining. People in the mahala do seasonal jobs, so I encourage them to start a microbusiness.  


Olga is 60 years old and has four children. She is part of the TCD group. Her life has been transformed a lot. She was nervous, aggressive, and people in the neighbourhood would describe her as a bad person. She quarreled with neighbours, children, cursed, and constantly quarreled with her daughter who lives with her. She didn't care about personal hygiene and the house.


Olga is a different person now. She doesn’t quarrel, doesn’t swear, and now she lives with her daughter in peace. The house is clean and painted. She takes care of hygiene and health. Olga is illiterate but she has very much understood the importance of education for her granddaughter and even takes her to the first grade school every morning.


Olga is an example to other women and grateful to the TCD movement for the change it has brought to her life.


TCD Update

  • Water - People use clean water to drink, cook and wash.
  • Food - People are encouraged to have their own gardens, healthy food and balanced meals.
  • Income Generation - Skills of acquisition, microbusiness and breeding.
  • Education - Primary Education Awareness programme.
  • Wellness - Cleanliness, use of toilets and healthcare.


Thank you!


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