Local Elder Shares Story of Transformation

Ɖorgovska mahala, Serbia


Due to the difficult pandemic, it is forbidden to gather people indoors, so we only had short visits last month. We reminded the village of all security measures against the spread of COVID-19 and encouraged them.


Meet Mica: she is almost 70 years old. She is part of our Transformational Community Development (TCD) group. She is grateful to TCD for all the changes in her life. She had a difficult life, often without the understanding and care of her children. They did not change, but she has. Mica takes care of the house, hygiene and health, and she is helping children. She is in peace with her neighbours and always ready to help and encourage them.


Unfortunately,  the son who lives with Mica struggles with alcoholism, but she is still passing so much love on to him through her life and words. She shares with him the lessons she learnt from TCD and he can see the difference it makes. Although she is older, the example is that there is always room if we allow our lives to change.

Thank you!


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