Local Meetings Continue

Kharibari Village, India


The fourth phase of lockdown has been extended until the 30th of May*, and I have remained in confinement. Travel along the national highways is still restricted. We are trying to create awareness in villages, especially among the tea gardens. Together with the elders of Damdim Village Cluster, we decided to have a meeting on May 23rd, and I made the risky journey to Damdim. Nearly all the leaders participated. We discussed the present situation in our respective areas. Then we discussed what the upcoming challenges will be and how to address them. We have observed a strong correlation between the return of migrant workers from other states and the increase of COVID-19 cases. This may pose a great challenge in the coming days. I gave them the awareness lesson handout to be distributed and used in villages. 


They are excited to take these lessons to the community, which will help them in community service. They will organise small gatherings while keeping in mind the social distancing norms. There will also be a door-to-door campaign, if needed. All of these plans will come into action on June 8th, when we expect the restriction to be lifted completely. Our group is excited to participate in an awareness campaign, and we hope to stop the spread of this pandemic. As a part of the awareness campaign, we will need masks, hand sanitiser, and gloves, among other things. 


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*Due to the nature of field reporting, it takes some time for reports to be received and shared here.